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关于旅游的英文句子1、在这春暖花开的日子来一场说走就走的旅行!我带上你,你带上钱。In the spring of this day to say go on a walk! I bring you, you take the money.2、一个人的旅行,在路上遇见最真实的自己。A person”s travel, in the way to meet the most true self.3、人生重要的不是目的地,重要的是沿途的风景。结果不重要,重要的是过程。Life is not the destination, the important thing is the scenery along the way. The result is not important, important is the process.4、流水很清楚,惜花这个责任。真的身份不过送运,这趟旅行若算开心,亦是无负一生。The water is very clear, took the responsibility. True identity but sent, this trip if you are happy, is also a life without a negative.5、旅行的好处在于可以暂时远离日常生活,还不必承担平日里琐碎的责任。The advantage of travel is that it can be far away from the daily life, but also do not have to bear the responsibilities of daily trivial.6、一辈子是场修行,短的是旅行,长的是人生。Life is a field of practice, a short trip, long life.7、这里的风景美不胜收,真让人流连忘返。The scenery here is really beautiful, unforgettable.8、人生就是一场旅行,不在乎目的地,在乎的应该是沿途的风景以及看风景的心情。Life is a journey, not a destination, care should be the scenery along the way and the mood to see the scenery.9、在路上,不为旅行,不因某人,只为在未知的途中遇见未知的自己。On the road, not for travel, not for someone, only to meet the unknown in the unknown.10、多想来一场说走就走的旅行,背上行囊轻装出发,到山林、海边,看看蓝天,拥抱大海,享受阳光。Think of a field that go away trip, on the back of the pack lightly of go to the mountains, the sea, look at the blue sky, embrace the sea, enjoy the sunshine.11、生命不是一场赛跑,而是一次旅行。比赛在乎终点,而旅行在乎沿途风景。Life is not a race, but a journey. Race to the end, and travel care about the scenery along the way.12、背起行囊走四方,不为天宽,不为地广,只为见见风吹草低见牛羊。Pack go Quartet, not day wide, not broad, only to see the wind and see the low grass and sheep.13、别忘了答应自己要做的事,别忘了答应自己要去的远方,无论有多难,无论有多远。Don”t forget to allow yourself to do, don”t forget to allow yourself to go far away, no matter how hard it is, no matter how far.14、让风吹走我的思念,让雨洗走我的眼泪,就当一切都没发生过。Let the wind blow away my thoughts, let the rain wash away my tears, when everything has not happened.15、我们一路上兴致勃勃地参观,当夕阳西下时,才恋恋不舍地离开。The way we visit when the sunset in the best of spirits, and was unable to part from.16、想呼吸着每座城市的空气,想感受着每座城市的人儿,想看着每座城市的风景。Want to breathe the air in every city, want to feel every city people want to see every city scenery.17、梦想,并不奢侈,只要勇敢地迈出第一步。Dream is not luxury, just take the first step bravely.18、旅行的理由不需要阐述太多,一个字就可以概括全部:走。The reason for travel does not need to elaborate too much, one word can generalize all: go.19、背上行囊去远方,On the back of the pack to the distance, the dream destination.20、如果心在远方,只需勇敢前行,梦想自会引路,有多远,走多远,把足迹连成生命线。If the heart in the distance, only need to bravely dream will lead the way, how far, how far the footprint as a lifeline.21、说走就走的旅行,要么缘由幸福稳定和宽裕,要么祸起无力无奈和逃避。Go to travel, or the source of happiness is stable and comfortable, or to have no escape and.22、一场奋不顾身的爱情,一段说走就走的旅行。梦在远方。A section of love regardless of personal danger, go to travel. Dream in the distance.23、每个人心中,都会有一个古镇情怀,流水江南,烟笼人家。Everyone in the heart, there will be a feeling of the ancient town, running water Jiangnan, smoke cage home.24、一生之中至少要有两次冲动,一次为奋不顾身的爱情,一次为说走就走的旅行。Life at least two impulses, a time for a love regardless of personal danger, go to travel.25、旅行是消除仇恨和无知的最好方法。Travel is the best way to eliminate hatred and ignorance.26、出外旅行的人,极其所能,也只有把自己的安危委诸天命,因为除此之外,别无他法。People who travel, extremely can, only for his own safety commission of the destiny, because in addition to.27、有的事情现在不做,就一辈子也不会做了。Some things do not do now, will not do for a lifetime.28、好心情才会有好风景,好眼光才会有好发现,好思考才会有好主意。Good mood will have good scenery, good vision will have a good find, good thinking will have a good idea.29、那个梦想中的自己,那个曾经丢失的自己http://Www.1juzI.coM/,那个豁然开朗的自己。然后在世界的某个地方相聚,开怀。The dream of their own, who had lost their own, the click into place. And then somewhere in the world to meet and laugh.30、关于旅行,关于生活,如此而已。About travel, about life, That”s all.31、旅行的意义不在其他,而在自己身体和心灵,必须有一个在旅行的路上。Travel is not the meaning of the other, and in their own body and mind, there must be a way to travel.32、拿着相机,拍下沿途上的风景,记录沿途的心情。那样的生活才是我想要的。Holding the camera, take the scenery along the way, record the mood along the way. That life is what I want.33、旅游不在乎终点,而是在意途中的人和事还有那些美好的记忆和景色。Travel does not care about the destination, but the people and things on the way there are those beautiful memories and scenery.34、安乐给人予舒适,却又给人予早逝;劳作给人予磨砺,却能给人予长久。Easy to give comfort, but also gives the young; to work to sharpen, but can give for a long time.


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